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About #PussyTrauma

Keeping Everything Wet

Definition : #PussyTruama --

- Negative Life Experiences
- Traumatic Experiences of our womb
- Spiritual/Sexual Blockages

#PussyTrauma gives women of all backgrounds a brave space to be free in their thoughts without fearing judgment from themselves or others. We share in our experiences, good and bad, we relate, we encourage, we lift, and motivate. We promote self compassion, higher self-esteem, and confidence, which increase autonomy, strength, and resilience. 
Groups are effective in supporting the needs of women in
the early stages of healing. 

We talk about sexuality as it relates to your whole life. Some may be surprised how liberating it can be to discuss sexual concerns openly. When we preach sexual liberation, it doesn't mean go out and have a lot of sex, and suck all the dicks/pussy. Sexual liberation means have a lot of sex, no sex, some sex, do whatever you want; it's your business! 

Healing past sexual traumas help us to release and gain clarity for future sex/relationship success. 

When we talk about sex, we share our deepest secrets, darkest fantasies, and we get our sexual questions answered. Typically where you are in your sex life reflects where you are in LIFE. There are levels to this shit, and we are here to unpack it all. 

The #PussyTrauma movement is for women only! It's nice to have a brave space where we can be women, open and free without the influence of masculine energy (which can be amazing at times), but this isn't the space for that. #PussyTrauma is a judgment-free zone, and disrespect isn't tolerated. #PussyTrauma is a closed group, so only those that have been accepted by the administrator will be able to see your posts. You do have the ability to invite any friends that you think would benefit from this information. 

We have events offline that celebrate sexuality, and all of its aspects. You can find those events on the event page of this website. They are also listed in the events section of the #PussyTrauma group. Some of the events are co-ed, but the majority are for women only. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns. 

Happy Healing! Happy Fucking!